Capital E for Excitement

Start spreading the word with save-the-date invitations!

Capital E for Excitement: our save-the-date invitations arrive tomorrow!!! I can't wait to see them.

Not everyone does save-the-date invitations but we felt it was pretty important in our case. Number one, about half of our guest list is traveling from California. We want to give them plenty of time to save their pennies & make their travel plans, should they choose to join us. And we really, really hope they do! Number two, our wedding falls about two weeks after the holidays. It's a busy time for everyone & we thought the advance notice of our wedding is a nice gesture.

With that in mind, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for our save-the-date invitations as soon as we chose our date & location. Something simple, fun & inexpensive- I had no intention of blowing our budget upfront. I chose a postcard because they're not expensive to buy or mail. Now you may remember that our save-the-dates brought me dangerously close to Bridezilla-land when my fiance rejected my DIY save-the-date & sent me off to an artist to ask if he could print them for us. Thankfully, the artist is gracious & granted our request. I must admit, it worked out for the best because our save-the-date invitations are going to be just right!

Are those our save-the-date invitations pictured above? Nope. I chose to feature the best-seller from Koru Wedding Shoppe. We plan to send our save-the-date invitations to our family & close friends (not the entire guest list) on or about June 15, six months before our wedding (WOW!). I want our wedding guests to have the first peek at our save-the-date invitations, then I'll share them with you. It seems fair to me.

Would you like a hint? You have seen our save-the-dates on this blog already!!!

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