My Funny Valentines

The start of my Valentine's Day card for my Goddaughter

My Supplies: Cards, Stamps, Ribbons, Scissors & Decorations

I'm nervous that my Valentine's Day cards will not be funny as in amusing but funny as in looks. A kindergartner may do a better job than me! As part of my vow to be more crafty, I decided to flex my creative muscles & make my own Valentine's Day cards this year. The cards are works in progress & it's already clear that I am no competition for Hallmark.

The work begins on my Aunt Dee's Valentine's Day card

All the craft goodies needed for my card creations

Everything started with a fun trip to AC Moore where I loaded up on shimmer paper cards, pretty ribbons & Valentine decorations. Then I picked out & ordered black & white photos of me with each recipient. I decided each card should be unique in its design as each is inspired by a special individual in my life. Together with my own collection of stamps, ribbons & edged scissors, I thought I had all the makings for beautiful Valentines.

Then the fun began . . . Each card features a different design but the process is the same: stamp the card, add the photo & layer with ribbons & decorations. In addition to making a few cards, I've had a few adventures along the way. I stamped the dining room table in a very nice red that matches the wall color. I glued a chocolate brown, velvet ribbon to my finger. I had to part ways with some decorations that I mangled beyond recognition.

Oh well. I don't know if any of my creations quite meet my standards yet but I still have some time to work on them. If nothing else, it's the thought that counts!

Stay tuned next week for my finished creations! Happy weekend!

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  1. fun! so many possibilities to play with, looks like you're off to a beautiful start :-)


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