Rookie Bride

Once merely a Soon-to-Be Mrs. hoodie model, I'm now a Rookie Bride!

Just like a silly teenager taking the latest love quiz in Teenbeat magazine, I took the "What Kind of Bride Are You?" quiz in The Wedding Book by celebrity planner Mindy Weiss. I thought this was one quiz I could easily ace with my ten years of experience in the wedding industry. The result: Rookie Bride!!

Seriously, Rookie Bride! Granted, this is my first trip down the aisle. But Mindy, I can tell a rose from a hydrangea. I can tell you when roses & hydrangeas are in season! I know this & so much more. Still, Rookie Bride it is. Have I learned nothing in the past ten years?!

Sigh. There is good news. The quiz claims I'm open to anything, I'll listen carefully & I'll make decisions quickly in the wedding planning process. Maybe it's not so bad to be a Rookie Bride. Take that Dreamer, Perfectionist & Nonconformist Brides!

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