Snow Day

Our charming storefront as the snow starts getting serious

Poor Soon-to-Be Mrs. Clark isn't happy about the winter conditions

Finally, I felt sorry for Soon to Be Mrs. Clark & brought her inside to thaw

Yesterday, we enjoyed a snow day in Hoboken. Before the snow became heavy, I opened our 106 Fourth Street storefront for Koru Wedding Shoppe & Maxwell's customers. Normally, the front entrance is decorated with plentiful Koru & Maxwell's merchandise for everyone to admire. The only merchandise I thought could stand the weather conditions was the popular Soon-to-Be Mrs. Clark sporting a fabulous black & white snakeskin-print shawl . When I checked on Soon-to-Be Mrs. Clark one hour later, she was covered in snow! Poor thing. I let her freeze for another hour before I felt sorry for her & brought her inside to warm up. She dripped melting snow for awhile. Not long after, I closed the shoppe & headed home for some hot chocolate. I pretty much looked like Soon-to-Be Mrs. Clark when I got home.

I bet Soon-to-Be Mrs. Clark is wishing for Spring just as much as the rest of us!

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