Orange: Have You Noticed?

Sunset Orange pocket invitation
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Enchanting invitation in Pumpkin Orange
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A modern invitation with a Monarch Orange accent
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Distinctive invitation in Pumpkin Orange
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Did you notice the streak of wedding invitations in orange?

I redid the stationery display at Koru Wedding Shoppe last week & as I stood back to look at the results, there was a lot of orange staring back at me. I scrolled through the blog &, sure enough, lots of orange.
I have been selling wedding invitations for 10 years (wow!) & it's the first time there has been a rash of orange invitations. I welcome this bright, happy color with welcome arms!

When I dug a little deeper into the meaning of orange, it's a wonder it hasn't been more popular before. Orange combines the happiness of yellow & the energy of red, according to Color Wheel Pro. Who doesn't love happiness & energy for a wedding? Color Wheel Pro goes on to say that orange is associated with joy, sunshine & the tropics. Again, joy, sunshine & the tropics are perfect for weddings!

Clearly, these Brides knew what they were doing when they chose orange for their wedding. Smart cookies.

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