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The Grand Entrance of the River Street Post Office
Save-the-Date invitations mailed HERE!

Today marks seven months until our wedding. Today I mailed our save-the-date invitations!

Our save-the-date invitations have been a work-in-progress for awhile. After ordering them, we waited one month for them to arrive. Upon their exciting arrival, we needed a few weeks to finalize the guest list & gather guests' mailing addresses. I'm really glad we got this task out of the way before we have to work on our wedding invitations because it took longer than I thought. I had the fun job of addressing & stamping each one which I did enjoy. I was so proud that I only made two mistakes. Last night, I double-checked each address & confirmed each postcard had a stamp. They were ready to go!

The timing of the save-the-date mailing was no mere coincidence. I was determined to have the postcards postmarked on June 15, exactly seven months to our wedding. I'm funny like that.

I got up bright & early so I could pop them in the mail before work. I bypassed our smaller, neighborhood post office in favor of the main post office on River Street. No reason, really, except it was a beautiful, sunny day for a walk. I wrapped the precious cargo in plastic for the walk because it would be just like me to drop them in a puddle & ruin them. Alas, we arrived safely at the post office. I checked each save-the-date one more time for address & postage. Then I dropped them in the mail slot to receive their postmark & find their way to our wedding guests.

Immediate family & close friends, our save-the-date invitation arrives soon in your mailbox! All others, I'm excited to showcase our save-the-date invitation here next week after our wedding guests have received theirs!!

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