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We have time before our wedding date . . .
but are we doing enough planning?
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You may be wondering about the radio silence on this blog about our upcoming wedding. I last mentioned our wedding two weeks ago when I wrote about our darling engagement party invitations. We've been merrily living our busy lives & not giving much thought to our wedding. Maybe the occasional short discussion here & there. When I planned last week's wedding, it hit me hard: we have so much to do before our big day!

The wedding is about seven months away & we have tackled the major things: set the date, created the guest list & budget, secured the venues, chose my bridal party, ordered & received save-the-date invitations, hired the band & chose (not hired yet) a photographer, florist & day-of wedding planner. When I look at it this way, I feel pretty good. Then I look at the seemingly endless tasks ahead & I feel overwhelmed. Leave it to the wedding planner to let her own wedding fall by the wayside!

When I feel overwhelmed, there is nothing to do except tackle the tasks one-by-one. It was as easy as revitalizing the topic of our wedding over dinner one night. We talked about everything & anything related to our wedding. That set things in motion! We registered for our Pre-Cana session in July- check! We are addressing & stamping our save-the-date invitations to be mailed next week- check! I took off one week of work in late June/early July to go dress shopping, meet with the florist, etc while my Mom is visiting from California. Ahhh, some wedding planning progress- such relief.

Stay tuned: I'm going to have so many fun stories to share with you!

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