Kaydee Cat

Kaydee cat was oh so pretty

And a natural-born trouble-maker.
Here, she nests in clean laundry.

Kaydee cat assists with a PSP game

Kaydee cat helps herself to delicious chocolate cake

Kaydee cat plays with her mice

Just as I did for my dog Gucci, I'm going to take a break from weddings & dedicate a post to my cat, Miss Kaydee Cat. One month ago, foreshadowing what was to come, I sat & typed this entry with a sick Kaydee cat in my lap. We said our final good-bye to Kaydee later that day & I still miss her tremendously. Our home is so empty without Kaydee & Gucci.

I remember the day I got my girl Kaydee like it was yesterday. My childhood cat Whiskers had recently passed away & I wanted another cat to keep Gucci company. My sister and I went to a grooming shop that also rescued cats. The cats were let out of their cages so we could play with them & decide which one we wanted to take home. Most of the cats milled about on the floor playing with each other. One beautiful, orange cat jumped onto the counter & started causing trouble: tossing pencils on the floor, trying to knock the phone off the hook, crumpling important papers, etc. I had to have this spitfire even after I learned we had the same name: Katie.

Everything I learned about Kaydee in those first few moments summed her up perfectly. She was a beauty! Kaydee had sharp, yellow eyes & a gorgeous, striped pattern of brilliant orange fur with pristine white paws like boots. She took great pride in her appearance, often giving herself a full bath if you dared to touch her. Throughout her life, Kaydee volleyed between pleasantly plump & scarily skinny causing one vet to suggest she was anorexic. Like any vain beauty, Miss Kaydee was notorious for her short, bad temper. She liked very few: me, my fiance, my Mom & Gucci. She tolerated most others. She hated a few too: my sister & my cousin, which we never understood because they're the biggest animal lovers I know. And if there was trouble nearby, she was sure to find it or to cause it.

Miss Kaydee was my princess. During the day, she reigned over her kingdom from the biggest, warmest patch of sunshine. At night, she switched to the softest, fluffiest blanket she could get her paws on. When ruling from her throne seemed a bit boring, she paired up with her furry best friend Gucci & they set off to find an adventure, aka trouble. My favorite was the time Kaydee hopped up on the kitchen counter & tossed my Mom's freshly baked bread down to an eager Gucci who thought it was the best treat ever. Kaydee & Gucci were furry best friends, partners in crime & my biggest fans. True to Kaydee's fiery nature, she was the first to give Gucci a quick paw slap if he got out of line; she was also the first to give him nose-to-nose kisses when she saw him. Kaydee & Gucci gave me endless entertainment, company & love for 18 years.

Throughout my life, I've heard that when one partner from a lifelong couple dies, the other partner doesn't live long, perhaps dying of a broken heart. My Gucci & Kaydee were a furry couple who always had each other. We put Gucci to sleep in January & almost four months to the day later, we had to put Kaydee to sleep. I suspect they missed each other too much to be apart for long. I miss them more than I could ever describe! My only comfort is knowing that they are healthy, happy & together in heaven.

Miss Kaydee, this one is dedicated in honor of you. If you have a pet(s), please give them a big hug & yummy treat in memory of Kaydee~

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