Proud to be a Bride

Bride in a script font
Graceful & fun!

The special touch of light pink & turquoise flower pins!

I couldn't love this look more!

I am the first to admit that I'm resistant to change. If it's not broken, why change it? If it's broken, why not fix it? Family & friends still tease me mercilessly about my beloved camera that I used for years even though it required duct tape to work. But I digress.

The Bride tank tops have been the most popular item at Koru Wedding Shoppe since it opened five years ago. Brides have snatched them up for bachelorette parties, wedding days, honeymoons & just because. Originally, Bride was spelled out in a block font made of clear crystals. My vendor contacted me about a year ago to let me know Bride tank tops were available in a script font & Brides were loving them. I was nervous to change a good thing so I kept stocking the original version.

A Bride forced me out of my comfort zone. She asked if the tank tops were available in script & I agreed to order her the new version. I ordered an extra to test out at Koru. Well, the Bride adored her script tank top & I was pretty smitten too. The additional tank top only lasted a day or two before a Bride snatched up. The writing was on the wall: it was time to switch to the script Bride tank top!!

The new order arrived on Tuesday & there has been nothing but LOVE for the script Bride tank top! Plus, who can resist an adorable light pink or turquoise flower to add a little jazz? It's a winning combination if you ask me. Maybe change isn't so bad.

I must have the new tank top!!!

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