Glass Slipper

I'm having as much trouble finding my wedding shoe as the Prince had finding the woman who fit the glass slipper in Cinderella. I have two problems: heel height & price. I may have taken ballet for years yet somehow I have the grace of a bull in a china shop. If I don't want to trip down the aisle, I need a kitten heel. Also, I'm not interested in spending a small fortune on shoes that barely anybody sees. That being said, I would like to love my wedding shoes!

So the search began. I'm talking hours & hours of searching any & every shoe web site I know.

My very favorite shoe is the fun Lalita from Kate Spade:

Flirty Lalita shoe
Available at Kate Spade

Lalita is now available in ivory at Nordstrom & well, I swoon at the mere sight. Sadly, the price & the heel height don't work for me. I did find the comparable Camille Bloom sandal at Ann Taylor that brings the shoe into my price range but doesn't help my high heel issues.

The search continued & I found the sweet Evie from Kate Spade that I like:

Sophisticated Evie shoe
Available at Kate Spade

The heel height is perfect & I like Evie, I really do. But at that price I want to love the shoes. And I don't love Evie.

I turned to Unforgettable Moments & I found these acceptable, well-priced Catherine shoes:

Simple Catherine shoe
Available at Unforgettable Moments

Catherine may be the winner! The heel is right & the price is right. Do I love Catherine? Not really. More that I like the price. I may buy these & jazz them up a bit. Dye them purple (for free!) & add sparkly shoe clips (or brooches) & I just might love Catherine.

Plan B: Winter wedding = my favorite Uggs!


  1. What about flats with a sparkling buckle? I really like both of the Kate Spade shoes but they are pricey! Some brides I know wore flip flops under their wedding dresses so you can probably wear Uggs and get away with it!

  2. My first wedding planning job was in February (during a blizzard, go figure!) & the Bride wore her Uggs except during the ceremony. The few photos that show the Uggs are adorable! So it's a serious consideration. And flats are a possibility too. This hunt may never end :-)


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