Dream Day

A girl & a guy can dream. That's exactly what RZ & I did on our lazy Sunday afternoon yesterday.

First, we peeked in an open house on historic Willow Terrace.

Cobblestone street of Willow Terrace
Image via Forgotten-NY.com

As we wandered through the beautiful four-bedroom, three-bathroom, two-balcony row home with original hardwood floors & exposed brick walls, we pretended it was ours. Just for a few moments. Here is where I could curl up with a good book & enjoy a Fall afternoon. Here is where we could host a fun dinner party. Here is where we could put the dog bed for Bailey. Imagine, imagine!

Sadly, we couldn't afford the fabulous home so we came back to reality. Sort of. Next up was a trip to Home Depot to cruise the model kitchen section.

Lovely Skylands kitchen
Image via Home Depot

We dreamed & remodeled our current kitchen into our ideal kitchen. Tile backsplash, yes! Gorgeous granite, yes! Clever cabinets with handy pullouts, yes! We had no limits. Give us anything & everything!!

In the end, we returned to our perfectly lovely condo. It was fun to dream. However, our reality is pretty dreamy.


  1. Oh it is fun to dream! Granite counters, a gorgeous backsplash- sounds amazing! xoxo

  2. A few good dreams never hurt anyone :-)

  3. I'm one of those people that will go in an open house just to go. I love seeing the inside of homes and getting ideas for myself. Maybe that's why i enjoy HGTV so much! LOL.

  4. I've never done that before but Willow Terrace is truly fascinating to me (it's very unique in Hoboken) & I've always wanted to see one of those homes. It was just as fabulous as I expected! I usually get my fix with House Hunters . . . now I may be an open house girl too :-)


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