Fiance's Big Day

BIG Birthday Wishes for my fiance!
Cookies available at Eleni's

Today is my fiance's birthday! RZ has a full, happy day planned for his birthday. He had a short day of work, a wonderful gift in itself. They bought him a cake & sang "Happy Birthday!" much to his embarrassment. Then he rushed off to cheer on his beloved New York Jets in their first game of the season. When all those fun & games are over, Bailey & I are waiting at home with present & Crumbs Bake Shop cupcakes.

Cheers to a year full of good health, good fortune & good times! RZ deserves the very best today & always.

Happy Birthday RZ! XOXO


  1. Those cookies look adorable! I hope he has a happy, happy day :-)!

  2. Eleni's has the cutest cookies for any occasion!

    Thank you, the Jets didn't win but he was still a happy birthday boy :-)


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