The End {For Now}

Farewell Brunch: Oh yeah, I'm a Mrs. now!
est. 1-15-11

My Koru dears, we have reached the end of my wedding story. For now. You may notice I used TGP's gorgeous, professional photos sparingly & I have my reasons. When I'm ready to share TGP's photos with you, I'll delve into the wedding details like my wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, something blue, bouquets, invitations, etc. Until then, feast your eyes on our wedding photos on TGP's blog HERE & Koru's Facebook album HERE.

I would like to leave you with wisdom & advice gained through my experience as a Bride:

1. This was an absolute shock to me: Some family & friends will not be happy for you, will not support you & will not celebrate with you. They hurt you but I promise, it is okay. In their place, other family & friends (often those you least expect) fiercely love you & stand by you. You quickly learn who your TRUE family & friends are & this is a gift. Accept it humbly & gratefully.

2. Please, please splurge on a good photographer if your budget allows. The TGP team was a gem to work with & their photos of our wedding leave me speechless. Amazing wedding photos are priceless! I look at the fabulous photo of RZ & I during the recessional, freshly married, & it instantly transports me to the exuberant joy & overflowing love of that moment. We will cherish our wedding photos & the accompanying memories forever.

3. Be present at your wedding! Your wedding goes quickly & the best you can do is hang tight & enjoy the incredible ride. Focus on the moment, not the moment that just passed or the moment coming up. Try not to stress about the time, vendors, details, etc. Leave the work, because a wedding is work!!!!, to a fabulous wedding coordinator or a trusted friend. Thanks to Eileen & her crew of An Affair to Remember, RZ & I were able to eat, drink & be merry!

4. Walk down the aisle & marry the love of your life = SUCCESS. Seriously, everything else about your wedding is icing on the cake. If your bridesmaid is sick or your flowers are wrong or the band forgets your First Dance song (I admit, none of these things happened to me but things did go wrong at our wedding), don't sweat it. Your guests will never notice & they will have the time of their life as long as you keep smiling!

5. Record your thoughts & feelings about your wedding. Hey, you have plenty of time on your honeymoon flight, right? Whether you fill a journal or one notebook page, just do it. Your memory will fade & your notes will be precious reminders of that lovely day as your words fill a gap that photos & video can't fill. I happened to share my thoughts & feelings with all of you (read the start HERE) &, luckily, I won't forget one, single thing ever. Share them with your husband on a special anniversary & your future kids someday!

That's all, folks! {For now}


  1. Love your advice, as always. Each item on this list you made, hit home for me. Can't wait to see the posts you have in store for us with all the professional photos :)

  2. Thank you! It's funny how my advice from being the Bride is similar yet different from my advice from being a wedding planner. I've seen both sides now :-)


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