Love for All

Love is Colorful because it is :-)
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It amazes me that my Mom remembers a time when African-Americans didn't have the same rights she did. They had to use separate entrances to the movie theaters & drink from different water fountains. It saddens me that such a prejudiced time was not so long ago.

Likewise, I hope my children look at me in wonderment that I can remember a time when not everyone was allowed to get married. I want marriage equality to seem as natural to my children as civil rights are to me.

As such, I cheered when I heard the happy news that New York is a state of marriage equality. It is less than 30 days away when anyone can get married in New York. Awesome! It is one small step towards not only my little dream but the big dreams of many. Go New York!

Love is for everyone, as marriage should be!

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