{wedding centerpieces} planted

During the summer, the faded red deck of my childhood home was lined with planters, spilling over with bright, beautiful flowers.  The pretty image is burned forever in my heart.  Lately, I've noticed wedding centerpieces featuring planters, looking just as gorgeous as the planters in my old backyard.  I've fallen in love!  

I have to say, I think planters as wedding centerpieces are just as special as planters as backyard decor!

Photo 1: Char Photography via: Photo 2: Sarah Culver Photography via; Photo 3: Clayton Austin via; Photo 4: Dreamlove Photography viaPhoto 5: Studio Castillero via


  1. that's really different. I wasn't aware they were doing this for weddings. nice.

  2. Beautiful! Quite rusty looking too.

  3. Loving these long florals pieces!

  4. Love the longer florals as centerpieces and I think a rustic planter can be just as fabulous as a pricey crystal vase. I am a firm believer that beauty is everywhere!

  5. Oh gorgeous...love this sort of farmhouse look!


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