Koru Kate Finds: 1st Edition

Happy Monday, Koru Family & Friends!

Welcome to our newest feature on Koru Wedding Style: Koru Kate Finds! Every Monday, I will feature wedding finds to inspire you. From jewelry to bouquets to invitations & more, you will enjoy the fun & creative here to brighten the start of each week. Every once in awhile, I may share a non-wedding find with you but I'll keep those few & far between. Let's get this wedding party started!

My first finds come from one of my absolute favorite collections, Kate Spade New York. I'm obsessed with the entire collection but I have two stars in my eyes at the moment. The "I Do" and "Mrs" necklaces are so simple & sweet they make my heart patter. I would have loved, LOVED to have gotten one of these adorable necklaces for my bridal shower. The "I Do" necklace could have graced my neck for my wedding festivities, then a switch to the "Mrs" necklace for my honeymoon.

"I Do" & "Mrs" Necklaces
Available at & Images from Kate Spade

Koru Loves, it's too late for me & these necklaces but you still have a chance!


  1. I want a Mrs one so badly. It's SO Kate Spade and way too cute for words :)

  2. I'm glad everyone loves my first "find"! I'm trying to justify the Mrs. necklace for myself :-)

  3. Love the MRS! Maybe that should be my next jewelry request from the hubs. Surely he'll comply ;)


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