Oh, how I adore palm trees!

Breathtaking sunset at Waikiki Beach

We lost count of the pretty rainbows we spotted

Maui as seen from the water
This is my favorite photo from our Hawaii vacation

RZ & I went to Hawaii in 2008, spending time with family in Oahu & spending time solo in Maui. We loved, loved every moment & we knew we would be back someday. In Maui, everyone assumed we were on our honeymoon. We politely informed the well-wishers that we were simply vacationing. Little did we know that three years later, we would be in Hawaii on our honeymoon!

That's right, we chose Hawaii as our honeymoon destination!!!!

Hawaii is perfect for us because it's a tropical getaway where we can do as little or as much as we please. There isn't much we enjoy more than relaxing on the beach &, obviously, we can be beach bums in Hawaii. However, there is plenty to do should we choose. Personally, I'd like to go on a whale-watching trip & see a whale after many failed attempts. RZ is looking forward to surfing again. Oh, and there's the Pearl Harbor Memorial, the Road to Hana, etc, etc. Our honeymoon is going to be awesome!!

Everything is in the hands of our travel agent, the wonderful Carmen of All About Honeymoons. Carmen has hooked us up with our South Beach & Cabo San Lucas vacations & we trust her with our honeymoon. She's arranging 2 nights in Oahu, 5 nights in Maui & 5 nights in Kauai. Doesn't it sound glorious?!

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