Fall Ring Shot

Image via Brides.com

Clearly, I love weddings. Yesterday, I admitted that I love Halloween.
This photograph, the wedding ring shot, is a perfect marriage of my two loves.
The wedding rings are perched upon a glittered white pumpkin for a Fall wedding (as if you can't see this for yourself). Priceless.

For a Halloween Glam wedding that fits seamlessly with this pumpkin, visit the Inspiration Board on Creative Odds n' Ends today!


  1. Thanks so much for including us in your post today! Happy Halloween!

  2. You're welcome! I saw your fabulous inspiration board & I had to share. It makes me want to ditch my winter wedding & have a fall wedding in that Halloween Glam spirit.

    Happy Halloween to you!

  3. Wow- this is so gorgeous!!! Love it!

  4. Me too. Unfortunately, my fiance refuses to move our wedding date so we can have a glittered pumpkin ring shot. He is no fun sometimes!

    Now I'm trying to think of a cool winter alternative . . .


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