Book Photographer: check!

Do as I say, not as I do.

Shortly after booking the venue, I urge my planning clients to book their photographer & music as quickly as possible. Both are important parts of the wedding day & both can only participate in one wedding at a time. Florists are another biggie but they can handle multiple jobs in one day. Once a photographer & band are booked, they're booked. For the best selection, book early!

I'm shamed to admit that RZ & I booked our photographers, Timothy Glenn Photography, about two months ago.
In the wedding planning game, we were very, very late. We knew we wanted TGP to photograph our wedding from Day One of our engagement because there is nobody's wedding photography we admire more. The catch is that TGP consists of the talented duo of Tim Camuso & Glenn Maida; Tim happens to be my brother-in-law. Would it be possible for Tim to work & enjoy our wedding?!

Indeed, when there is a will, there is a way. It did take some time to iron out the details. In the meantime, we forged ahead with our planning, certain that a solution would work out for hiring TGP. We had a great Engagement Session in Hoboken with Tim that produced some lovely photographs. Then along came the final solution: Tim will photograph the ceremony & post-ceremony photography session, while a second photographer will take over for Tim at the reception. We'll have amazing wedding photographs & Tim will have fun (we hope). Yipee!

We've worked hard to assemble the perfect team to make our wedding dreams a reality & we're very, very excited that Timothy Glenn Photography is a part of it.

Don't follow our example: BOOK EARLY!!!!!!

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