Flower Time

FUN research on wedding flowers!
A selected few books from my wedding library

I found the most inspiration for flowers from this book

Anything that caught my eye was tagged for future reference

While my Mom was visiting from California, I made plans for us to tackle fun, wedding-related tasks. Our first task was meeting with our florist, Liz of Elizabeth Koleto Designs. I have known Liz for many years & while she has a regular 9 to 5 job, she is a florist too. She did a beautiful, amazing job for our three friends' weddings & when she offered to put on her florist cap for the wedding, I was sold. I know many talented florists but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with a friend.

In preparation for our initial meeting, I went through my wedding magazines & books for inspiration. Let me tell you, this is no small feat. I have dozens of books & hundreds of magazines! I tagged everything I liked with my wedding post-its (unfortunately, a discontinued item) & I started to realize I was drawn to different variations of one look that fit well with my modern winter white theme. Working with that look, I created ideas for the personals, ceremony, cocktail & reception florals. However, I knew it was simply a starting point & Liz would be key in truly defining the florals.

My Mom & I had a wonderful time meeting with Liz & delving into the creative side of the wedding. Liz asked the key wedding questions about the bridal party, the venues & the theme. Then she patiently looked through all of my photos to get an idea of what I was thinking for flowers. As I expected, Liz had great comments & ideas that I never would have thought of on my own. Flowers are her passion!

I left the meeting with complete confidence that the wedding flowers are going to be beautiful thanks to Liz. We came up with some definitive ideas & left some things open-ended to decide in the future. I hadn't bought my wedding gown yet (now DONE- read about it tomorrow) or bridesmaids dresses yet. As we get more things done, it will be easier to finalize the details.

Our next steps are seeing a sample centerpiece, talking budget & nailing down the exact details. I look forward to Liz helping me with every step & I will share all of it with you here. I count myself very lucky to be working with a fabulous florist who is also a friend!

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