An Affair To Remember

Our engagement party in full swing

The engagement party loot
Lots of thank you notes to write!

The party crowd gathers for the champagne toast

More champagne toast gathering

The happy & blessed Bride & Groom-to-be!
(I'm sporting my new dress)

The first Saturday in July was a picture-perfect summer day with sunny skies & warm breezes. At my childhood home, our family & friends gathered to celebrate our engagement under the grand oak trees. It was the day of our long-awaited engagement party!

Our engagement party was absolutely wonderful; we couldn't have asked for a better party. Everything was beautifully decorated in a hot orange & bright pink color scheme, accented by summer flowers everywhere. The atmosphere was casual & relaxed so people were free to mix & mingle throughout the backyard. We were able to eat, drink & be merry all day long!! We had amazing people, delicious food & plentiful laughter. We couldn't ask for more!

Before dessert, everyone gathered for a champagne toast. Now mind you, no ordinary champagne toast: my absolute favorite, Wilson Creek Almond Champagne toast. It's the little details that count. My Mom, my Uncle & RZ's Dad gave short, sweet speeches. RZ & I stood side-by-side, surrounded by our loved ones, & listened to the sentimental speeches. Cheers! We were overwhelmed by the love! It was my favorite part of the day & I wished it could last longer. The entire day was filled with love for us, celebration of our engagement & hope for our future.

Our engagement party would not have been possible without the careful planning & hard work by our hosts, my Mom & my sister, & my brother-in-law. The day would not have been as special without our family & friends. Thank you, thank you to all!!!

We will forever remember the special day of our engagement party!!!

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