Dress Nightmares

Kayla dress by Thread
At $480, there's no way.

Edie Dress by Thread
Again, $480. If my Bridemaids won the lottery.

Is there one item on your wedding to-do list that you dread? For me, it's choosing a bridesmaid dress. I have absolutely no patience for this task. It could be that for a brief time in my wedding career, I sold bridesmaid dresses &, well, let's just say it wasn't my favorite thing. I would rather scrub a dirty bathroom from top to bottom. From the day I got engaged, I wearily eyed the "Choose & Order Bridesmaid Dresses" task on our wedding timeline with a heavy feeling in my heart.

I. Don't. Want. To.

Time hasn't done much to change my mind. I have looked at bridesmaid dresses online & I've found several that I love . . . for $400 or more. Seriously. I've found a few I kinda like for $200. Even at that price, I want to love the dress if I'm asking my bridesmaids to shell out the money. Now the thought of going to a bridesmaid dress store, even my favorite Bella Bridesmaid, just doesn't sound fun. So I keep searching online with the same results. It's an endless circle & I grow more & more frustrated.

I have coordinated & attended several lovely weddings where the Bride had each bridesmaid wear a black dress of their own choosing. Everyone looks great & comfortable. Less fuss, less stress. The thing is I don't like black that much. I wear & decorate with little to no black. Black is not me. When I suggest to my family & friends that I may let the bridesmaids choose a black dress, they look at me with horror, knowing my strained relationship to black. Honestly, I'm at the point where I just don't care.

So what are my ideal requirements for a bridesmaid dress? Classic. Long. Affordable. Chocolate brown, champagne or dark purple. Any suggestions??!!

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