Dress Envy

Beautiful wedding gown by Lea Ann Belter

Sassy wedding gown by Sarah Seven

Romantic wedding gown by Elizabeth Dye
All above dresses available at Lovely Bridal Shop

When a wedding planning client buys their wedding gown, I tell them to stop looking. Don't visit one more bridal salon. Skip over the wedding dress ads in wedding magazines. Forget looking at wedding gown designers' web sites. Stop, stop, stop the madness now!

I have been trying to take my own advice in the wedding planning process but this wedding gown business has proved difficult. I bought my wedding gown earlier this month & I thought, "Thank God, I can stop looking at wedding gowns!" While there may be more beautiful, romantic wedding gowns, I knew with 100% certainty that I found the perfect dress for me. I have been in the wedding industry for ten years & it would be easy to revert to looking at wedding gowns with an eye for others' weddings, not my own. Sure enough, no problem. Now my addiction to the popular tv show, "Say Yes To The Dress", is another story.

Unlike most wedding magazines & blogs, "Say Yes To The Dress" is all about wedding gowns. There is no way to avoid the issue. There is no way I could stop watching the show either. So I watched the first show with a wary eye, hoping that a fantabulous wedding gown wouldn't tempt me or make me question my wedding gown choice. Nothing. Then I watched another show, feeling a bit more confident. Nothing. And you know what? Instead of the nightmare scenario that I might fall in love with another wedding gown, I fell more & more in love with my wedding gown.

No dress envy here. Just 100% satisfaction that I made the right choice!

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