The Story of Koru Kate

Who is the woman behind the swirl? Would you like to know Koru Kate? Here's a few, fun tidbits:

Who I am:
owner of koru wedding shoppe * wedding planner * wedding stationer * fiance of an amazing man * daughter, sister, cousin * doggie mom to bailey * sweet & kind * die-hard wedding fan * Jersey girl (a real Jersey girl, not anything like the tv shows)

What I see from the windows: charming Fourth Street * iron gates * Patricia's Yarn Shop * couples & families * parking meters * cars * trees * someone's backyard

Why I work in Hoboken: it's home * walk through a picturesque park to get to work * work with my dog * quaint & modern * good people * other fabulous businesses here * two blocks away from the amazing NYC skyline * plethora of delicious cupcakes available

What I dream about: doing my best always as a business owner, fiance, friend, family member & pet mom * writing * starting a stationery line * beach house * end of cancer & animal cruelty, among many other things! * opening an etsy shop

I will never grow sick of:
beach * weddings * stationery * crafts * animals, especially dogs & cats * green * family & friends * hot apple cider * warm, soft pretzels

What do I love: happy clients * my fiance, friends & family * koru wedding shoppe * writing * napping * swirls * ocean * long afternoon with a good book * Hoboken * almond champagne * palm trees

Note: All of the above are written in random order.

I stole this idea from Bella Figura who use it to reveal more about their letterpress company.

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