Invitations: Calligraphy

Our Snow white envelopes with Taupe script font
Calligraphy done by Marsupial Invitations

Let's face it: I love anything & everything stationery. This means I've been known to drool over an outer envelope addressed in gorgeous calligraphy. True story.

So it was a huge surprise that I didn't care about the addressing of our wedding invitation envelopes. I considered writing them myself since I have nice handwriting. However, I'm a bit of a perfectionist & I knew the pressure to write beautifully in a straight line would be too much. That idea was quickly scrapped. The next option was hiring a calligrapher & I happen to know Hoboken's best calligrapher, Diane of Inksong Calligraphy. But now that I see much in terms of budget, budget, budget, skipping calligraphy seemed like an easy way to save a few bucks. Not to mention, I was not taking the time to have our envelopes hand-canceled to ensure that gorgeous calligraphy wasn't ruined in the mail.

That's the long way of saying we opted to have our Snow white envelopes addressed by Marsupial Invitations. Many stationers offer computer calligraphy at a low cost. We filled out a template, sent the template with our order & our wedding invitations arrived with addressed envelopes. Pretty cool, right? We chose the same formal script & the same Taupe font color used on our wedding invitations. Everything coordinated perfectly without spending a fortune; we were pretty pleased.

The downside? You're on your own for changes & additions. For example, I discovered we had spelled one of our guest's names wrong. Also, one of our guests moved between the time we submitted the order & we received the order. I can't exactly send our envelopes back to California & have a few envelopes done. So I'm on my own for any extra envelopes we need addressed. Thankfully, we were smart enough to order plenty of extra envelopes (always, always order extra envelopes!!!). And, well, my nice handwriting comes in handy!

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