As promised, expected & anxiously awaited, our wedding invitations arrived last Wednesday at 6:02pm. Here is the big, brown box that put an instant smile on my face:

I ripped through this adorably-branded packing tape:

And there, nestled among the packing peanuts, were two boxes:

I pulled out the two boxes tied with chocolate brown ribbon:

Inside the boxes were our wedding invitations:

Our perfect, perfect wedding invitations. They're so beautiful (better than I imagined!) & meaningful. We have been carefully & lovingly planning our wedding for eight months & to see our wedding plans in print . . . it feels very real & very official. There it all is, spelled out in detail. This invitation speaks to the promise we've made to each other & the vows we're going to make to each other.

To some, our wedding invitation may just be another piece of paper. To us, it's
the invitation of our lifetime.

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