Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect
Much like Life, Much Like Wedding Planning
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I've been thinking about our wedding planning. A lot. First, I read this honest post on A Practical Wedding about how the planning is different than we expect. Then I read this raw post on Hey Gorgeous about how the wedding is far from perfect. My mind started reeling. What did I expect from our planning & what did I get thus far?

I thought our wedding planning would be thrilling & messy. I'd been through the process too many times with planning clients to think that every last moment would be beautiful & memorable. While my wedding mantra is sweet & simple, I counted on sour & complicated too. That's Life. So I was prepared for the good & the bad, right?

Wrong. I was blindsided. I expected a few glitches but the actual glitches stunned me. Deeply hurt me in some cases. How about a church who is unwilling to answer the simplest questions about our ceremony so we can't plan the most important part of our wedding? Then there's the bridesmaid lost over the bridesmaid dress store. Oh, a personal favorite, is family that critiques & gossips about every decision & plan we make. Don't forget about missing people, like my Dad & Grandpa, & wishing they were here to celebrate with us. A hearty welcome to the many, many new gray hairs over how the wedding is so freaking expensive, even for a wedding planner with a winter wedding. & so on. Etc, etc, etc.

Worry. Sadness. Stress. Heartache. All part of the wedding planning game no matter how you play it. We're not there yet- hello wedding!- but I have faith that it's worth it in the end.

(p.s. if you're not reading A Practical Wedding or Hey Gorgeous! . . . why not??!!)


  1. very good post! lovely greetings


  2. If you want to look at losing me as a bridesmaid over the store then it is only because you blew up at me over me having the audacity to directly contact a store that you expected me to buy a $200 dress from. It was not only your behavior, but your request stating "stop contacting me NOW!" when I didn't understand the freak-out that made me feel like I wasn't welcome in any way.

    Just wanted to share that, in case you really didn't see my perspective on stepping down. Perhaps we'll talk about it some day.

    Best wishes,

    Your Cousin


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