{Thanksgiving 2013} hey gord-eous

Because we spend Thanksgiving at my in-law's home, I don't get to decorate a Thanksgiving table.  But that doesn't stop me from dreaming about the day that I can fit more than four people at my dining room table and we can host Thanksgiving for our family.  & this lovely autumn gord centerpiece in a rich fall palette?  It's high in my Thanksgiving-of-the-future dreams!

Do you host Thanksgiving or spend it family or friend's home?

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  1. What a darling centerpiece! We've hosted Thanksgiving feasts for the last few years, but this time around we're headed to our dear friend's house!

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  2. Kate, these are so lovely! Oddly, my big dinner is on Xmas Eve! I too have always dreamed of preparing and hostessing a Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day

  3. I'll be home. These are so unique and lovely. We always have a lot of gourds in our stores so this gives me an idea. Thanks Koru!

  4. It's just going to be Izzy and me this year so I'm not decorating the table. Still, it is fun to dream!


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