{weddings} a touch of snow

A light snowfall on your winter wedding day is like a cherry on top.  Preferably not a crazy blizzard, like my very first wedding planning clients but that is a wild story for another day.  If you don't luck out with a little snow falling on your winter wedding day, the next best thing is an arctic landscape covered in snow from a previous storm.  Just take a peek at the white magic snow brings to winter weddings!

Winter weddings may not have bright, sunny days & field of sunflowers but often they have snow.  Snow makes things pretty beautiful, doesn't it?

Photo 1: Cambria Grace Photography via; Photo 2: Lauren Fair Photography via; Photo 3: Orange Girl Photographs via; Photo 4: The Willinghams Photography via; Photo 5: Aneta Mak via   


  1. Love, love, love–I'm actually featuring the wedding from that last image next week!

  2. Gorgeous! Makes for some picturesque pictures.


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