{still standing} dream come true

I have been wanting & hoping & wishing & praying to write a post like this for what seems like forever . . .

I am so happy & excited to announce my husband & I are expecting a baby boy in July!  Words cannot even describe how over the moon we are about Baby Boy Koru.  It's a dream come true, & I count my lucky stars every day.

As most of you know, my journey towards parenthood has been long, winding & trying.  I last spoke of this journey about one year ago & I've been pretty mum since.  My silence wasn't because there was nothing to say.  Quite the contrary!  There was so much to say I could hardly put my experiences into a coherent post.  I hope to write about it someday, to remember the journey & to help others who may be experiencing something similar.  For now, all I can say is every step, every stumble & every fall was worth it.

It's not lost on me that this particular adventure is just beginning.  I won't breathe easy until Baby Boy Koru is safe, happy & healthy in my arms.  But my worries are merely a footnote in this journey.  I am truly enjoying every moment of my pregnancy, basking in its glory & wonder.  

What does this mean for Koru Wedding?  In a complete leap of faith last summer, I decided not to accept any 2014 weddings.  It didn't seem fair to compromise the time, attention & passion I devote to Koru clients & weddings because I was either hugely pregnant or juggling a newborn.  Thankfully, my decision was the right one since Baby Boy Koru will be here soon!  I will consider 2015 weddings on a case-by-case basis & I hope to be fully back in the wedding game by 2016.

As for Koru Wedding Style, I will do my best.  I'm sure most of you have noticed I have had trouble blogging & visiting other blogs regularly since the summer.  Now you know I had good reason!  From here on out, I will blog when inspiration strikes.  Hopefully, that will be fairly often!  No promises.

Koru Wedding is based upon the inspiration & celebration of new beginnings.  To me, that's always meant weddings.  Now I've expanded my horizons to realize Baby Boy Koru is a new beginning for my family, one that deserves my complete & full attention.  & so it goes!    

Thank you for sharing in my exciting news! 

Photography: Kate Corpuz for Koru Wedding on Instagram  


  1. Oh Kate, I could not be happier for you and your husband–what a lucky baby boy to have parents as loving as the two of you!

  2. Kate that is SOOO exciting, congratulations!

  3. Kate, I am so happy for you! What a blessing doll! Enjoy each and every moment. I can definitely understand your decision and would do the same. I wish you the very best doll. ((hug))

  4. Oh congrats! I'm so thrilled for you!

  5. Congrats to you Kate! It really is exciting news and best of luck to you, hubby and Baby Boy

  6. That's so incredibly exciting!!! Best best best wishes to you and I can't wait to see some of your beautiful baby pictures when little one is here :) Take all the time you need to focus on your family right now.



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