Girls' Night Out

Me, the Bachelorette

Exactly one week before our wedding day, I donned a white Bride tank top, a bright pink Bachelorette sash & a blinking blue "diamond" ring. I sipped drinks out of a pink glass decorated with a tulle veil. I played silly games one of which would make my Mom blush. I was surrounded by my favorite girls wearing hot pink beads & silly buttons. Why?! It was my Bachelorette Party!

& it was perfect! I had made some requests to my bridesmaids that were dutifully honored: massages at Bliss Spa, dinner at The Melting Pot, drinks in Hoboken & sleepover at W Hotel Hoboken. I had made some other requests that were respectfully denied: no games & no Bachelorette gear. & there were wonderful surprises to like yummy, yummy treats & a gorgeous flower arrangement. While my bridesmaids listened to me, they clearly knew the best ingredients for a great party & did they ever throw a fabulous one!

My Bachelorette Party played out like a girly dream- a fun, low-key night with good friends. Anything that starts with a relaxing massage at Bliss Spa is the BEST. We could've stopped there & I would've been happy yet I'm so glad we kept the party going. Then we gathered in the hotel room to prep for the big night with drinks, treats & games. Soon we were at The Melting Pot for cheese fondue, salad & chocolate fondue- YUM! Hoboken was packed that night & after finding line after line everywhere, we ended up at The Living Room at the hotel for nightcap cocktails. Sprinkled throughout everything was tons of cheer & laughter. It was fun, fun, FUN!!

When my head hit the pillow that night, all I could think was "I'm getting married in one week!" I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I was on the brink of marrying RZ. I had wonderful friends who took time out of their busy schedules to celebrate with me. Let me count my lucky stars!!!!


  1. Yay! Your Bachelorette party panned out much more successfully than mine did hehe :)

  2. It was the most fun! Did you write about yours? I must've missed it.


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