Valentine Treats

THEN: Valentine Chocolates from Godiva

NOW: Valentine Berries from Shari's Berries

I'm dedicating today to Valentine's Day treats.

I have a notoriously bad, fuzzy memory but when I think of Valentine's Day when I was a young kid, I remember Godiva chocolates. My Dad always bought me & my sister a box of Godiva chocolates. It seemed like such a big deal to me. Godiva was so fancy, those gold boxes were so luxurious. Each chocolate was a different mold & looked like a little chocolate masterpiece. When I ripped open the seal & lifted the gold inner layer, the box smelled like chocolate heaven. I was (okay, still am) a picky eater & I didn't like many of the assorted chocolates but I adored that box nevertheless. I felt lucky & loved to receive it.

While Godiva holds a firm place in my heart, my favorite treats for Valentine's Day are chocolate-covered strawberries. You simply can't beat chocolate-covered strawberries & champagne! The berries are sweet & festive when decorated for Valentine's Day in pink chocolate or heart sprinkles or red drizzle. It's almost as fun to see the creative decorations as it is to eat the chocolate-covered strawberries! Almost.

What are your favorite treats on Valentine's Day?


  1. Don't they?! I can't wait to enjoy some on Valentine's day!!

  2. Choco covered strawberries are my faves too :) Hope you had a wonderful Monday! xoxo

  3. Yay, I hope some come your way soon :-)


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