Wedding Wheels, Non-Getaway Edition

Another month, another Wedding Wheels post, my favorite post celebrating the cool & unusual modes of transportation Brides & Grooms use for their grand departure on their wedding day.  I like to mix things up a bit & today is no different.  Today's post doesn't involve any getaways, just Brides & Grooms posing by some fabulous sets of wheels.   

A cutie-patoutie silver trailer surrounded by a miniature white picket fence is a whimsical backdrop for a Bride & Groom kiss:

A spiffy red tractor doesn't have room for six passengers but it's just right for a party photo:

Why not tour a classic VW lot to lend classic cool to your wedding photo?

The army green truck has seen better days but it's surely never had such a lovely bridal party posing near it:

Be still my Wedding Wheels-loving heart, a Bride & Groom found a vintage blue pick-up truck pulling an incredible airstream trailer:

I love, LOVE!  If you can't orchestrate a grand departure in a  too-cool-for-school getaway car, you can still include awesome wheels in your wedding day!  Who knew?!

Photo 1 Hello Studios via  Photo 2 Shipra Panosian via  Photo 3 Jennifer Williams Photography via  Photo 4 Vendla Stockdale Photography via  Photo 5 The Weaver House via

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