In Memory

September 11, 2001 is a day forever etched in our hearts & minds. 
There is so much to say, so little of it seems right for the somber occasion.  On that sunny morning 11 years ago, I rushed to work, ignoring the horrible sight of the first tower billowing smoke across the Hudson River.  I came home much, much later on the ferry & looked in horror at the heavy smoke where the towers had stood tall just hours ago.  The Twin Towers were gone.  Loved ones were forever lost, including 57 of my Hoboken neighbors.  My heart was broken.  The world had changed. 
Hope & resilience persevere.
I bow my head in remembrance.     
Image via Lavender & Lilies 


  1. Just wanted to say thank you for taking a moment to stop by my blog and leave such a lovely comment. It is much appreciated.


  2. A beautiful post for an impossibly difficult day.

  3. The memories that all of us share in our hearts and minds will never be forgotten.

    1. Everyone has their unique stories & memories from that day & I hope nobody ever forgets.

  4. I chose to use that day as 1 of service for others. And of course, reflection.


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