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Why, hello, brie wedding cake.  Where is my french baguette?

As a wedding guest, no matter how full I am, I always find room for wedding cake.  As a wedding planner, no matter how busy or tired I am, I always take time to enjoy a slice of wedding cake.  It's simply a must.  Let me assure you, I'm pretty sure I would happily indulge in any of these fun, unique spins on a traditional wedding cake!

Cake pops cleverly designed to look like a tiered wedding cake!  Just genius:

Yes, yes- it's an Oreo cookie wedding cake!  Please make sure there are plenty of cold glasses of milk available:

A delightful doughnut hole wedding cake is absolute perfection in my eyes:

Not just any macaron tower, a lovely rainbow macaron tower:

Yum!  Which one do you like best?

Photo 1: via; Photo 2: Ashleigh Jayne Photography via; Photo 3: via; Photo 4: Amanda McKinnon Photography via; Photo 5: One Love Photography via

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  1. These are different! I love the brie and cake pop wedding cakes.


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