{fur babies + weddings} gone to the dogs

My heart melted when I saw this oh so adorable beagle flower pup!  It's probably because she reminds me a bit of my precious beagle-basset hound mix, Bailey.  I'm not just partial to beagles & shih-tzus.  I'm pretty much a fan of any cute pup included in the wedding.  Take a look:

A million times YES! to this sweetie in his preppy bow tie:
Someone is too fabulous for words:
A Frenchie who is clearly rocking those flowers:
This rather dapper Boston terrier was made for a tux:

A wedding gone to the dogs isn't such a bad thing!  Which cutie is your favorite?

Photo 1: Jonas Peterson via; Photo 2: Feather and Stone via; Photo 3: Lauren Ross Photography via; Photo 4: Joann Arruda viaPhoto 5: One Love Photography via

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  1. omg'dness!!! this is cute overload! hahaha i love the flowers around their necks. pets are family too.


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