{Fur Babies + Weddings} In Memory of Gucci

On January 15, my husband & I mark two events, each very, very different.  This year on January 15, we happily celebrated our second wedding anniversary (yay!) & we quietly remembered our sweet, precious Gucci who we put to sleep three years ago after a long, happy life (sniff, sniff).  We considered not getting married on January 15 because it was the day our hearts broke & we lost Gucci but, in the end, life goes on.  But my buddy is still missed & forever loved!

Today, I've gathered a few of my favorite images of fur babies in weddings & I dedicate this pet post to my Gucci.

The pretty flower pup & handsome ring pup make quite the dapper duo:

The adorable flower pup perfectly coordinates with the sunny yellow bridal party:

An autumn backyard wedding clearly calls for some participation from the Bride & Groom's pups:

I can't decide what I like best: the pups' frilly tutus or their big smiles!

Hey, not everyone is thrilled with wearing a tutu:

So, SO cute- a little fur adds charm to any wedding!  

For you, Gucci.  You added so much love & laughter & antics & memories to my life.

Photo 1: Jason and Anna Photography via; Photo 2: Clary Photo via; Photo 3: Joey Kennedy via; Photo 4: Stephanie Fay Photography via; Photo 5: Janelle Brooke Photography via


  1. Oh Kate this is so timely. I lost my little dog Chelsea yesterday morning and it really helped my healing process to make up a tribute to her memory with pictures that I sent out via email to all who knew her. I was surprised at the response I got back from those who remembered things about her. It's so nice to see how you've remembered your Gucci. What a sweet little pooch . . .

    1. Amy, I am so sorry! It is so heartbreaking to lose a pet. Your Chelsea tribute sounds just perfect. If & when you are ever ready, it truly helped me when I got another pup to love!

  2. What a great blog post...it is such a wonderful way to remember your beautiful Gucci! I really love when people incorporate their pets in their wedding...it is so cute!

    1. Oh, thanks! I'm a big fan of pets in weddings!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks- it never seems like enough because Gucci was the best!


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