second. the celebration!

Due to my surgery one week prior, it was touch & go as to whether or not we would make it out to dinner to celebrate our second wedding anniversary.  As always, when there is a will, there is a way.  I somehow managed to scrape myself off the couch, take a shower & wear something besides yoga pants.  Our lovely anniversary dinner was well worth the effort!  

We chose the charming Amanda's in our hometown of Hoboken, partly because we had never been there & partly because it was a fairly short, easy walk for me:

We lingered over a delicious meal, enjoying the good food & good company.  It was my first real meal in a week & I enjoyed every bite of my mussels appetizer, shrimp entree & molten chocolate cake dessert. Yum!  Afterwards, we stopped to mark the special occasion with a photo:

One more photo of our happy night before we headed home:

At home, my sweet husband gave me beautiful, traditional red roses for our second wedding anniversary: 

It was a second anniversary to remember!


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