{puppy love} five

Beagle Bailey is celebrating his fifth birthday today!

This guy, my little tri-color buddy.  He is as sweet & as mischievous & as lazy as the day is long.  While we do a lot for Bailey - you know, provide him with all the food, safety, comfort & love a beagle could ever need - he gives us much, much more in return.  He fills our home with love & happiness; he is our baby family.  He makes us smile & laugh.  Every. single. day.

On Bailey's behalf, I would like to remind you to adopt cats & dogs from your local shelter or from a rescue group.  Our Bailey was found wandering a country road in Arkansas & he was dirty, cut & infected.  Despite this, he was still so sweet & trusting when a kind-hearted couple stopped to help him.  God knows where he would be without them & All About Labs, the rescue group who facilitated his adoption.  Sadly, some animals don't get saved.  These animals deserve a second chance just like Bailey!

Happy Birthday, Bailey!  xoxo


  1. What a great post! Your dog is so cute, and I definitely agree that people should adopt pets from their local shelter or rescue group. That is where I found my beautiful kitty...she's been such a wonderful companion for the last 14 years!

  2. SO cute! And I am with you on adopting! When/if we get a dog it will be from a shelter/rescue! xo

  3. So sweet! And triple yes on the adoption.


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