Wedding Wheels, Vintage Checker Taxicab (aka my favorite!)

Hailing a taxi & being in New York City go hand-in-hand.  It's only natural that many New Jersey & New York couples opt for a taxi on their wedding day.  Even though the last one was removed from service in 1999, the old world charm of a vintage Checker taxicab is a popular choice.  Fortunately, you can rent vintage Checker taxicabs for weddings, like I did (see photo above!).  I'm not the only one, I frequently spy vintage Checker taxicabs in New Jersey & New York weddings & today's Wedding Wheels is all about those classic, bright yellow beauties!

Just as a vintage Checker taxicab is forever a symbol of New York City, it will forever look right at home in New Jersey & New York weddings.  Once a classic, always a classic.

Photo 1: Timothy Glenn Photographers; Photo 2: Janelle Brooke Photography via; Photo 3: Photo Pink via; Photo 4: Christian Oth Studio viaPhoto 5: Janelle Brooke Photography via


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