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Since we are diving into New York & New Jersey weddings for the next few weeks, I will bringing you a steady diet of New York & New Jersey details that I adore.  Our first contender is the MetroCard escort card!   

If there is one item that resides in the wallet of every New Yorker, it's a MetroCard.  A MetroCard is a bit like a Manhattan passport.  It is accepted on city subways & buses; it can take you anywhere & everywhere!  As such, MetroCard escort cards are an absolutely perfect detail for a New York City wedding.  Or for a New York City couple getting married elsewhere.  

MetroCard escort cards bring local flavor & charm to the special occasion!  

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  1. Oh wow, that is such a unique idea...I love it!!!

  2. two of my friends that i knew in college who were friends in college didnt' start dating until they both were in new york in 2009 so if they ever had a new york themed wedding or aspects of new york in their wedding to pay homage to where they first got together these cards would be perfect!


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