{bridal bouquets} overflowing

Since my style leans towards simple & sweet, I've always favored compact, tightly clustered bridal bouquets.  However, my eyes are always open, as is my mind, & lately, I've fallen in love with a different type of bridal bouquet.  Large, overflowing bridal bouquets are not simple but they are simply beautiful!

A bit loose, a bit wild & just brimming over with beauty!  

Photo 1: Ben Blood Photography via; Photo: Jason & Anna Photography via; Photo 3: Joielala Photographie via; Photo 4: Lauren Scotti Photographer via; Photo 5: Jenny Ebert Photography via


  1. What gorgeous bouquets! The last one is my fav!

  2. I adore that first bouquet in white and yellows. If I had had a Summer wedding, I would have gone for a huge bunch of oxe-eye daisies and wild flowers for sure =)

  3. Love that last bouquet–how gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful...love how they are kind of wild and unruly and not too perfect!

  5. Those are pretty though! I'm like you. I like small bunches of flowers.


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