{Halloween 2013} Hoboken-style, rerun

This Halloween post is a rerun but I truly believe it deserves a second chance.  Last year, I wrote my Halloween posts in advance because we received warning about a certain little Miss Hurricane Sandy.  By the time my Happy Halloween, Hoboken-style post published my husband, Bailey & I had long abandoned our flood-ravaged home of Hoboken & Halloween in New Jersey was officially cancelled until further notice.  So let's give this fun post another shot, shall we?

Want to know what Halloween looks like in my little corner of the world?  Here in Hoboken, an urban city of brownstones & condo buildings, people get very creative with their Halloween decorations despite not having much outdoor space to decorate.  Hobokenites know how to make windows, doors & front stoops into a creepfest like nobody else!

So simple, so subtle!  The creepy raven/skull combo earns my top prize for Best Halloween Decoration in Hoboken: 

I don't want to meet the monster spider that spun this web:

Oh wait, I think I found the mega spider a few blocks away:

What a lovely Fall display!  Hold up.  Are those bloody stumps?!

I don't know if this scary ghoul guard wants to get out or keep others out but it's safe to say I won't be knocking!

Someone's got their eye on you!  What a haunted twist on cat's eye!! 

I hope you enjoyed this mini-Halloween 2012 tour of Hoboken.  Stay tuned for my mini-Halloween 2013 tour of Hoboken tomorrow!  


  1. Ah lovely. Hoboken seems really nice. I have been to Jersey City but not Hoboken. I remember years ago before my friends and I moved to Seattle (and then I back to NY) my friend Lisa was saying how cool Hoboken was we were looking for something different from NY (we grew up here) we ended up in Seattle.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  2. Great post! I love seeing Halloween decorations (better than Christmas ones this time of year haha).
    xoxo Aimee
    Bows&Beau-ties (first giveaway is up!)

  3. I remember Hurricane Sandy last year!!! It definitely messed up Halloween plans. So glad you re-posted this. I think brownstones are so gorgeous! Koru, I love how they decorate them. That large spider is fabulous. And omg'd those bloody stumps! ewww! hahahaha I invite your readers to see my halloween post from new orleans.


  4. I do remember you posting last year ahead of time and how everyone checked in with you to see how you both were. These are probably some of the most creative windows and doorways I've seen commemorating Halloween--it almost reminds me of window dressing for department stores, they are that good!

  5. So glad Sandy's not spoiling the fun this year!

  6. ah!! some of those would really creep me out.


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