{Holidays 2013} sick

I had big holiday plans for this week.  Decorating our home for Christmas.  Making our handmade Christmas cards.  Making more handmade Christmas cards for Holiday Mail for Heroes.  Planning our annual NYC holiday date night.  Shopping for our family & friends.  &, of course, sharing all the holiday goodness with you on the blog!

Life had other plans.

I am sick, a really charming fever-cough-sore throat-exhausted combo.  The kind of sick where there is absolutely nothing you can do or take to feel better but rest, stay hydrated & keep your highly contagious self away from the innocent masses.  

& just let go of the holiday to-do list.  That's probably the hardest part!  As I rest on the couch for the fourth day in a row & take in the view of our undecorated Christmas tree, I've had to realize the holiday season will be just as festive & wonderful this year.  Without the house decorated to full holiday tilt.  Without handmade Christmas cards.  Without a tradition or two.  Without documenting everything here.  

For the rest of the holiday season, I'll do my best to blog when I can.  I promise to be back to regular programming in the new year.  I hope each & every one of you are enjoying a healthy, fun holiday season! 

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  1. Being sick during the holidays is no fun at all. Sure hope you feel better super fast.

  2. Oh no! John is on his third full day at home with a similarly miserable cold, and I feel just terrible–it happens to him every year! Hope you're feeling better soon, and are able to really enjoy this wonderful season!

  3. oh wow! i hope you feel better soon Koru. if it doesn't get any better, definitely go see a doctor. one time i was sick for two weeks and then it went into a month. i had to go to the emergency room. i had walking pneumonia and almost died. take care & sending healing wishes your way.

  4. This sounds pretty much like the way I spent the last week! A virus hit me and I'm in bed blogging when I can manage to sit up. Yesterday I did get some things done but it was slow going. Looking forward to you getting well though Kate, I really miss your blog posts . . .


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