Rainbow Connection

Mere days ago, I mentioned if I was forced to name one thing I would change about our wedding, I would change the matching bridesmaid dresses (you can catch a glimpse of them HERE) to mismatched bridesmaid dresses.  I was thinking something along the lines of this or this, only in purple.  Guess what?

I spied this rainbow delight & I've already changed my mind:

Mismatched black dresses with matching shoes in rainbow hues!  Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.  Your bridesmaids could choose any black dress, chances are they already own one, & you could choose a cute shoe available in a rainbow of colors.  So simple, so stylish, so budget-friendly.

If this were my wedding, I would have let my bridesmaids choose any black dress & any purple shoe.  I bet the shades of purple & styles of shoes chosen would have made for a fun, original bridal party!

Clearly, if I have already changed my mind about this in the span of a few days, it's probably best that I went with a traditional, matching bridal party.  

Let's discuss!  Do you like matching or mismatched bridesmaids?  & what about this clever shoe idea?

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