Wedding Wheels, Boat Edition

Can you believe May passed with a Wedding Wheels post??!!  This may or may not call for two Wedding Wheels posts in June :-)  Just in case you've forgotten or you're new here (welcome!), Wedding Wheels is a monthly post where I celebrate the cool, unusual modes of transportation Bride & Grooms choose for their grand departure.

Today's post doesn't involve wheels at all, yet is every bit as unusual as previous Wedding Wheels.  There are awesome Brides & Grooms who chose to hit the water & float away from their wedding on a boat!!!  Let's take a peek:

Three cheers for the lovely Brides who not only picked a canoe for their getaway but decorated it beautifully:

Obviously, a green rowboat works just as well for an outdoorsy Bride & Groom:

It doesn't look like the jubilant Bride & Groom actually used the colorful beach boat but the photo was too cute not to share:

Lakeside double wedding?  Double the canoes!!

If you're hitting the water on your wedding day, a canoe seems to be the most popular, fun choice:

I've got to hand it to these incredible Bride & Grooms, they are just so cool & so brave for choosing a boat getaway.  Me, I would be too nervous about tipping the boat & falling in the water as that would be my luck.  Would you give a rowboat or canoe a shot for a waterside wedding?  Or would you play it safe & pose by a boat like Couple #3?

Photo 1 LeahandMark.com via; Photo 2 Ryan Ray Photography via; Photo 3 Chloe Jackman Photography via; Photo 4 Bryan Rupp Photography via; Photo 5 Matt Miller of Our Labor of Love via


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  2. These couples rock! So cool and definitely so brave. I know I'd be a complete mess and fall right in the water :) xoxo

    1. Phew, I'm glad I'm not the only one who had that thought!

  3. These photos are so gorgeous–and the couples, so brave!


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