{Guest Posting} Hope Over Heartache

Last week while I was in Key West for a destination wedding, something pretty big happened.  My guest post, Hope Over Heartache, was published in Still Standing Magazine.  I am beyond honored.  Almost one year ago, Still Standing encouraged women like me to share their stories.  I somehow found the courage to write & share my story of life after miscarriage.  From my first story & my following stories, I received tremendous support from family, friends, acquaintances, readers & strangers.  It was simply amazing.  Now that exact story appears on Still Standing Magazine & if it brings just one reader a little peace & comfort, then I have given something back.

In related news, National Infertility Awareness Week is taking place right now.  Its mission is to help change the conversation about infertility, bring infertility support groups to every community and increase access to all family building options.  If you or someone you know suffers from infertility, I encourage you to share National Infertility Awareness Week & Still Standing Magazine with them.  & give them a BIG hug!

If you would like to read my story of life after a miscarriage, please visit Hope Over Heartache in Still Standing Magazine.  Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart!

Image: Still Standing Magazine


  1. amazing! such a powerful article and well deserved.

  2. What an incredible honor. Your honesty always floors me, and your strength is inspiring.


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