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Welcome to Week Three of the local New Jersey & New York wedding series!  Each Wedding Wednesday features a local New Jersey or New York wedding & other days present details from local weddings that I love, like skyline save-the-datesskyline wedding photos from last week.  Today, we're back to the New York Subway.

Ah, the good old New York City subway map.  If you visit or live in New York City, you have stood in front of this exact map once or twice or a million times, trying to figure out how to get from here to there.  I even have a pocket-sized subway map tucked away in my purse.  For a New York City wedding, it's quite clever & original to show your wedding guests the way to their reception seat with a giant, colorful subway map.  But it gets even better.  The tables are named after popular New York City spots, like the Empire State Building & Brooklyn Bridge, & the table guest lists are traced back to the subway stop for that spot.      
Fortunately, no stops or transfers are required to get to the tables at the reception!

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