Tomorrow's fabulous elopement features a stunning location provided by none other than Mother Nature.  I really want to give Mother Nature a big thumbs up for creating beauty far better than anything manmade.  This post is dedicated to Mother Nature & her gorgeous creations.   

Oh so pretty!  I'm a little embarassed to admit other than a little snow, Mother Nature wasn't involved much in my wedding.  Will or did you include Mother Nature in your wedding day?

Update: I wrote my posts in advance this week & now I sit here with a heavy heart as I think of Mother Nature.  She is capable of so much beauty, as well as so much destruction like in Oklahoma.  My heart, thoughts & prayers are with the good people of Oklahoma.  May peace, comfort & hope be theirs.

Photo 1: Amanda Summerlin via; Photo 2: Jonas Seaman Photography via; Photo 3: Tana Photography via; Photo 4: Jessica Claire via; Photo 5: via


  1. I think natural scenes ALWAYS makes for a fantabulous picture. These are beautiful.


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