{Sneak Peek} Rahaf & Zeke

Happy Friday!  I'm not just signing off for this weekend, I'm signing off for the next week or so.  The blog will be dark next week while I'm in Long Beach Island for a wedding.  It will be a heartfelt, beautiful wedding, plus I know it will be a rocking good time because our wedding band, Love Jones Band, is performing.  Such fun!  Once the new Mr. & Mrs. are enjoying their Hawaii honeymoon, I'll be back & here is a sneak peek at the next Wedding Wednesday:  

Oh, this wedding is coral, lilac & beautiful all over!  You won't want to miss the beauty of every little detail.  So let's make a deal: meet me back here on Wednesday, October 2 to enjoy this elegant wedding!

Wishing you the very best~ 

Photography: IQphoto Studio  /  Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. Have a great time! I LOVE the colors of those flowers. They look amazing together.

  2. Well I hope you have a great time and enjoy your time off!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  3. Oo, orange and purple! What an unusual but beautiful combi.

  4. Have a wonderful trip, dear!!!!!!!!!!


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